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We do not accept insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare.

- Initial psychiatric evaluation: This exam typically takes 1-2 hours, and entails an in-depth psychiatric assessment, history, and examination of symptoms. $500.00


- Follow-up psychiatric visit: Visits are scheduled for 30 minutes, and typically entail discussing life changes, medication effects, and side effects. $150.00


- Follow-up psychotherapy visit. Visits are scheduled for an hour, and the discussion varies depending on the individual and the situation. $300.00

- Legal evaluations, fitness for duty, and independent medical exams: These types of assessments can take several hours. Usually, the fee is $500/hr.

Many assessments require history gathering and sophisticated report writing. Please feel free to discuss the price structure at the beginning of the evaluation process.

For a downloadable forensic fee agreement please see the following: Forensic Fee Schedule



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