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About Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with 16 years of clinical experience. Dr. Miller completed his training at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. He has worked in the military, private and legal settings.

Dr. Miller originally trained to be a Family Physician. While practicing in this field he saw how many of his patients struggled with depression and the stresses of life. He had been taught how to extend his patient's lives but found he knew little about how to make them happier. Dr. Miller began his study of psychiatry with a desire to help people live happier, fuller lives. He quickly found that his background in Primary Care allowed him unique insight into the complex interplay between medical and mental illness. He also found that he enjoyed taking the time with his patients to really understand their lives and circumstance. As a result he found himself drawn to psychotherapy as much as psychopharmacology.


Please note that we do not accept insurance to include Medicaid or Medicare.


  • Adult Psychiatry ages 18+
  • Long or short-term psychotherapy
  • Psychiatric consultation for legal matters including criminal, malpractice, fitness for duty and independent medical exams for civil matters.

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